Tuesday, June 15

100 Days To Destroy America

Joel Bryant – Summerville Sentinel Editorials

We are already over one month into the Joe Biden presidency, and it’s definitely not going the
way many Americans expected it to go.
Even those that rooted against Biden during the 2020 election couldn’t even have predicted The
rapid decline our great country has taken over the course of Biden‘s first month in office.
Biden has made many questionable decisions.
Like his aggressive push against the fossil fuel industry.
In Biden‘s first few days in office, he signed off on an executive order to discontinue the
construction of the keystone pipeline.
This move alone affected over a thousand jobs directly and will likely affect a drastically larger
amount down the road.
Biden also made the executive decision to rejoin the Paris Accords climate, which has gotten
much pushback over the years due to its negligence to hold China and other countries
accountable for pollution.
Biden’s embracement of progressive environmental policy puts America back in the middle east
hunkering for fossil fuels, which will likely reunite tensions amongst middle eastern countries.
The aggressive push away from fossil fuels within America will also cost employment as the
new “green” jobs have yet to be created
These policy decisions will also lead to an increase in the price of fuel locally.
Biden’s questionable policy decisions aren’t just limited to the environment, Biden also
continued to make changes to immigration. The first step was halting the border wall
construction despite the praise it received from communities living alongside the border. Biden
also began to phase out policy that required asylum seekers to remain in Mexico while their
case was waiting to be heard, as well as pausing deportations for 100 days. If you don’t believe
me, both “Newsweek” and “Real Clear Politics” have articles confirming Biden’s nightmare
immigration policy.
The nightmare of this Administration continues with “Bill H.R.1 “ Which according to the Heritage
“Would implement, nationwide the worst changes in election rules that occurred in 2020
And would further damage basic security protocols”.
This new “Voting Rights” bill would allow the Federal Government to eliminate states’ rights and
seize the authority of the states to regulate voter registration and the overall voting process. The
bill would force states to implement: early voting, same-day registration, automatic voter
registration, and no-fault absentee balloting. All of these make it easier to commit voter fraud.
Same-day registration would cause absolute chaos at the polls, as election officials
would not have time to verify the accuracy of the voter registration. The entire bill is a complete
disaster I encourage you to look more into it. The Heritage Foundation has an article ( The
Facts About H.R.1: The “For The People Act “of 2021 ) diving deep into the bill and showing its
true intention. At the time of writing this article, The Bill has passed in the house and is awaiting
its result in the senate.
Everything about Biden’s term to this point has been a disaster, to say the least.
The guy who ran his campaign on peace and unity has failed on all fronts to this point. Allowing
a divisive and Illegitimate impeachment to take place. Allowing his constituents to constantly
degrade one side of the political aisle. Pushing radical and tyrannical big government policy that
goes against the constitution. It has been a failure, and from what we can see from bills like
H.R.1, the Spiral isn’t finished yet.

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