Tuesday, June 15

BIDEN IN PRIMETIME ADDRESS: Vaccine Will Be Available To All Adults by May 1

News Alert – C.J. Westfall

President Biden just addressed the nation 50 days into his Presidency where he spoke mostly of Covid-19 and about his administration’s progress tackling the virus. President Biden made several claims throughout the speech where he read from a teleprompter, taking mostly an emotional tone as he either bragged about success or fear mongered the possibility of a new strain or potential lock down.

Some critics are already pointing out how Biden seems to be taking credit for the previous Trump administration’s progress on the vaccine, which Biden’s speech seemed to mostly focus on. The major news of the night was that Biden’s previously set goal of “100 million shots in arms my first 100 days” is on pace to be done within 60 days. This is an achievement but it should be pointed out that the reason this is possible, is because of the swift action from the previous administration that had the supply of vaccine in place before Biden took office.

Many were speculating tonight to include a myriad of topics that the President has taken action on. Biden hasn’t had an official press conference to take questions from the news media since he’s taken office so many were expecting him to finally explain the dozens of executive orders he’s signed. No mention of them tonight as the speech seemed focused solely on the topic of Covid-19 where the President drilled home the fact that over 500,000 people have died from the virus in the US, comparing the virus to WW2.

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