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DD2 Board Trustee Barbara Crosby Advocates Optional Masks At School; Fellow Board Trustee Mitchum Personally Attacks Her For It.

Pictured above is DD2 Chairwoman Gail Hughes having to stand up to lecture fellow board trustee Brian Mitchum for his unnecessary and out of line personal attacks towards Barbara Crosby. She couldn’t stop him so she had to stand up and shout at him to stop him from talking.

Editorial team – April 27th 2021

Last night at the Dorchester District Two school board meeting chaos erupted. There were about 16 parents who showed up with signs with the intention to speak against the current mandatory mask policy from DD2. After hearing from public commenters and Superintendent Pye’s long bloviating speech current DD2 Board member Barbara Crosby decided to speak up for the parents and children. She mentioned her personal experience with her grandaughter and remained respectful in her speech.

Barbara is on the policy committee and offered to work with the Board to change the policy. She also pointed out correctly that Superintendent Molly Spearman had put out guidance that School District Superintendents were allowed to decide whether masks would be option or mandatory. She directed her comments to Pye while remaining respectful saying “you can change this now if you wanted to” which was a factually true statement. Fellow board member Brian Mitchum decided to personally attack Barbara on her position accusing her of placating to the 16 parents in the room who showed up to speak against masks. Mitchum violated the Roberts Rules of Order and the Chairman of the DD2 School Board had to stand up to interfere with Brian’s incessant personal attacks towards Crosby. This is the typical pattern of those who want to use government to control other individual’s lives, they use ad hominem personal attacks when they don’t have a rational substantive argument to offer. At no point did Mitchum have the courage to engage the substance of Crosby’s arguments. Watch the full exchange below:

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