Tuesday, June 15

Dorchester County Council Continues to Ignore Gun Rights Activists

PICTURED: Dorchester County Councilman Todd Friddle was elected last year and was open about his NRA membership, this made gun owners in Dorchester excited. He promised to use his office to advance gun rights legislation, so far he has been a huge disappointment. Too often politicians say one thing on the campaign trail and then don’t follow through once elected. In Todd’s case he hasn’t even tried to introduce legislation despite Biden threatening executive action on gun control.

CJ Westfall – Editorial

In December when it became clear that Joe Biden would become President many gun activists began considering what their next moves were. Joe Biden’s administration has threatened executive action on gun control, which has alarmed gun owners all over the State of South Carolina. Read more about Biden’s gun threats: 


Other Counties in South Carolina have passed 2nd amendment sanctuaries which would ensure that local authorities don’t enforce federal gun control laws. Horry County being the most recent, the total number of Counties has reached 11. Seeing this, I invited the activists from Horry County down to Summerville in January where they gave a presentation on what a 2A sanctuary was all about.

I invited local County Councilmen to watch the presentation, and they ignored us. However there were many local gun rights activists in attendance that night, and from there we began a petition asking Dorchester County Council to pass a 2A Sanctuary Ordinance.

Since then the petition has received over 1,100 signatures. You can sign or share the petition here https://www.change.org/p/dorchester-county-council-introduce-a-2nd-amendment-sanctuary-ordinance-to-dorchester-county.

There have been 2 Council meetings since the petition has reached 1,000 signatures, and tonight there will be a 3rd Council meeting that takes place without mentioning the petition from gun owners asking for a simple 2A Sanctuary to be passed like 1 other Counties.

The Dorchester County Council has a 6-1 Republican to Democrat majority as of the time of this writing, you’d think they care as much as other Republicans about the 2nd amendment. Unfortunately tonight’s agenda does not include any mention of a gun ordinance to protect our rights.

Here is tonight’s Dorchester County Council Agenda 


Why do you think Republicans aren’t standing up to Joe Biden’s gun control threats? I’d argue it’s because they aren’t actually Republicans. Next year a handful of these Councilmen will be up for election, and the majoirty of their donors will be from developers, construction interests, and builders looking for a favorable Councilman that will use their position to benefit their donors. Keep an eye on the upcoming 2022 election cycle and don’t forget that these Councilmen didn’t have the courage to stand up to Joe Biden when they had the chance.

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