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Dorchester County Republican Party Convention Recap: All Incumbents Defeated

CJ Westfall – April 27th 2021

The Dorchester Republican Convention took place at the Rollins Edwards Community Center this weekend. On Saturday morning the County Delegates voted in all new leadership. Positions that were up for election were: Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman, 2nd Vice Chairman, 3rd Vice Chairman, and State Executive Committeeman. Here are the names of the winners:

There were also a few story lines coming out of the convention. It’s estimated that 10 delegates who had turned in their forms before the deadline to be eligible to vote on Convention day were disenfranchised on Saturday. Early in the morning around 8am one of the new DCRP members erupted in frustration because he had turned in his forms on time yet was denied the opportunity to vote. He was threatened by former Mayor Wiley Johnson who said he’d call the police on him if he didn’t leave. Not the way you want to treat new members of any club or organization. Johnson is well known for his lack of self control among those who don’t share the same political views as him. The new members who were screamed at by former Mayor Johnson were appalled that they weren’t simply given guidance on how to properly fill out the simple 1 page form required to join the DCRP. Many speculate that Higgins strategy to win was to disqualify the many delegates that had joined to support his opponent.

There was little to no direction of how to properly fill out the forms at the “make up meeting” I attended in early April. I walked in calmly with a smile on my face and 20 completed membership forms in my hand (also had emailed in 13 membership forms as well) and was also screamed at and threatened by now former Chairman Tim Higgins. Just for simply showing up to a neighboring County GOP make up meeting (I live on the Berkeley County side of Summerville) I was accosted and screamed at despite there being other Berkeley and Charleston residents in attendance. I was polite, calm, and didn’t let the Chairman provoke me to emotionally react like he was trying to do. In the end it was Higgins who looked like the fool and ended up losing by just ONE vote to Steven Wright.

Steven won by adding more voices to the table. Mike Rose, Higgins, and Johnson’s strategy of “addition through subtraction” turned out to be a failure.

Now going forward new DCRP Chairman Steven Wright has teased regular social events with local politicians as speakers, getting the DCRP involved in Charity, setting up a better web and digital presence and more. Stay tuned as we cover Steven’s progress!

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