Monday, June 14

Open Carry With Training Bill Goes To House Floor Today in S.C. Statehouse

CJ Westfall – News Alert

The Open Carry With Training Act passed out of the House Judiciary Committee this week and lawmakers are expected to debate and potentially vote on the bill on the House floor starting today.

South Carolinians can carry a long gun or rifle openly without a permit because no state law exists to prevent it.

But you can’t carry a handgun openly even with a permit. The bill would allow South Carolinians to openly carry handguns.

Currently 31 states allow the open carrying of a handgun without any license or permit, which is why many gun rights activists feel the bill doesn’t go far enough at expanding our gun rights.

Activists and some Lawmakers are making the argument that the government selling our rights back to us in the form of a permit is a Constitutional infringement.

That’s why State Representatives Stewart Jones and R.J. May plan to introduce a Constitutional Carry amendment that would allow people to carry without a permit, or permission from government. It’s unclear if that amendment will have the support to make it on the final bill but we will follow the debates closely and keep you updated on the details!

With about 4 weeks left in the Columbia session these next few weeks will be crucial in S.C. Politics as lawmakers rush to get legislation passed in time.

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