Tuesday, June 15

SENATOR TIM SCOTT: “Woke supremacy is as bad as white supremacy”

CJ Westfall – Editorial

Senator Tim Scott is swinging back at MSNBC’s Joy Reid over her inflammatory comments about the Senator saying he was only present at a recent Republican press conference for “diversity” and referred to Scott as a “prop”.

Scott responded today saying “I’ve become accustomed to hearing casual racism and insults from the ‘tolerant left’. For a party and movement that claims to embrace diversity and tolerance, they sure seem to hate hearing my story or hearing my perspective”

He also went on Fox News today to quote Matthew 5:44, a verse about loving one’s enemies. Scott has chosen to take the high road despite being singled out by his race by his left wing counterparts.

Anyone that says Scott is a “prop” of the left hasn’t done their homework on Tim Scott and his unbelievable story from poverty and single parent household North Charleston, to a Football Scholarship at CSU, to growing a business with All State, to becoming a US Congressman and eventually a US Senator. What the left likes to look over is his example of upward mobility.

Tim Scott is an example of America’s opportunity that exists for everyone. The left doesn’t just look over his compelling personal narrative, they also look over Scott’s work last year during the “Summer of Protests” when he introduced the Justice Act legislation aimed at police reforms such as banning chokeholds and other important positions to many left wing activists. Scott also authored much of the First Step Act, the most substantial criminal justice reform legislation to pass in over 30 years. Tim Scott’s Opportunity Zones amendment to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act signed by President Trump has already proven to bring investment and opportunity in impoverished neighborhoods and communties across the country and right here in the Lowcountry.

Despite these successes, the Left still wants to treat him as if he’s a prop, rather than who he really is. Because who he really is threatens their entire world view, that only Democrats are capable of improving the lives of those in lower class communities, and that those in lower class communities should stay where they are rather than reach for the stars (or the Senate).

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