Tuesday, June 15

Summerville Council Votes To Increase Their Pay and Drop Mask Requirement for General Public

Second from the left wearing glasses Councilmen Bill Mcintosh was the only vote against the Council pay increase and then later insisted on getting rid of the requirements on the general public to wear masks in Summerville.

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Summerville Council passed first reading of a new ordinance to increase their yearly salary. The ordinance was supported by the Mayor and each Councilman except Bill Mcintosh who voted against and Kima Garten-Schmidt who was away for a vacation. Council’s salary will go from $7,500 to $15,000 a year and the Mayor’s will go from $15,000 to $25,000 a year. The Council also gets full health, dental, and life insurance benefits for themselves and their families. Councilman Jackson did not have his microphone on, and was simultaneously wearing a mask when giving his justification for making the motion to approve the increase and was inaudible in his explanation even to those attending in person. Councilman Brown seconded the motion.

Councilmen Mcintosh was opposed to extending the mask ordinance saying “it’s time to get government out of the mask business”. Pushing back against him was Councilmen Jackson and Brown who were fighting to keep the restrictive ordinance in place. Mcintosh amended the ordinance that “strikes out the requirements for the general public” which would now leave private businesses the choice to require masks or not at their establishments.

Masks will still be required at Town and Municipal buildings and Mcintosh repeatedly mentioned a ordinance wasn’t needed to continue doing that.

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