Tuesday, June 15

Summerville Town Council Faced With Decision to Keep Mask Ordinance In Place Despite Gov Lifting Restrictions

CJ Westfall – Editorial

Does Summerville Town Council have information that the Governor doesn’t have access to? Despite constant fear mongering about a spike in cases, Summerville never had the packed hospital rooms that we were warned about. Vaccines are readily available to the elderly and they are taking advantage in masse. Teachers are even being vaccinated after taking an “emergency” day off from school to skip the line on the vaccine.

So what is Summerville Council trying to prove by keeping their mask ordinance in place? Just a few short months ago they pressured Off the Chain to comply with their mask ordinance, as of the time of this writing OTC is the only known citation to have been written throughout the entire time the ordinance has been in force since last Summer. Off the Chain had become a popular hangout spot for those in favor of individual freedom, which many speculate led to the citation being written in the first place.

So what should we take from this law? Did it save any lives or was it just enacted to signal virtue to the woke cancel culture crowd? As of Friday, March 5, the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Services (SCDHEC) is reporting 704 active cases of COVID-19 in Dorchester County out of over 160,000+ residents.


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