Sunday, August 1

Top Commentator Sues YouTube

Over the past year, it’s not been hard to notice social media flexing their big guns with more frequent censorship. Rather delegitimizing your posts with a big fact check button, or removing them altogether. Facebook and Twitter going as far as removing the sitting president from their platforms  Since then attention has begun to focus elsewhere. Last week top conservative commentator Steven Crowder announced through his lawyer that his network is suing YouTube  The Louder With Crowder team over the past year and a half have experienced multiple instances of such censorship. Last fall their channel was barred from receiving monetization on videos through YouTube. Then shortly after regaining monetization this year, they were permanently barred from receiving such benefit on the platform

 This is no mere small channel either, last year during the election the louder with Crowder team received a record-breaking Live stream, even beating CNN viewership numbers. Crowder’s lawsuit comes after YouTube issued a second hard strike, putting Crowder in danger of his channel being banned from the platform.

YouTube stretched out their policies for both strikes as the videos in question, at the time of release did not violate YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

To learn more about the lawsuit you can go to 

Written by Joel Bryant

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