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Town of Summerville Announces Special Council Meeting this Friday to Review Food Truck Regulations

Left to right: Councilman Terry Jenkins, Councilman Bill Mcintosh, Councilman Bob Jackson, Mayor Ricky Waring

CJ Westfall – News Alert

Thursday May 27th

SUMMERVILLE- On Friday May 28th Summerville Town Council will meet to review food truck regulations that were passed in 2019 as part of the UDO. The meeting will start at 10 a.m. and Town residents are eager to see the Council pass 1st reading of a repeal of the regulations that currently would fine food truck businesses for setting up their businesses in residential communities.

This came to light after code enforcement began selectively enforcing this little known regulation after local Summerville resident Kristyn Bancone Hicks began sharing her experience at Town hall earlier this week. She posted to Facebook that her Food Trucks Social had been canceled by Code Enforcement “until the mayor passes an ordinance allowing food trucks in residential areas and this can take up to 4 months”. She then encouraged the community to email the Mayor and Council in support of allowing food trucks to operate in residential areas and started a petition you can view HERE that has gained almost 1,000 signatures in less than a week. Hicks was shortly contacted by Councilwoman Kima Garten-Schmidt who informed her that Council was scheduling an emergency session to discuss changing ordinances.

Town Councilman Bill Mcintosh was quick to respond to the Food Truck Social being canceled. He expressed his displeasure of the current ordinances in the comment above.

If the Council passes 1st reading to deregulate food trucks, they will have to pass a 2nd reading June 10th for the change to be enacted, and for food truck entrepreneurs to resume their normal practices that had previously gone uninterrupted until Code Enforcement began the selective enforcement. To read the agenda for tomorrow’s early Council meeting Click Below:

The author’s take:

A few quick thoughts here:
First the principle needs to be stated: Government has no business interfering in the voluntary transactions of peaceful people. Secondly, passing massive documents like the UDO (Unified Development Ordinances) makes the process of lawmaking less transparent. None of our lawmakers were aware this regulation affecting food trucks was on the books that they voted to enact! (with the exception of Terry Jenkins & Ricky Waring who weren’t in office yet).

This is why Lawmakers should not be voting on hundreds of laws at once, to ensure transparency. This is yet another sign that LESS government leads to a BETTER Summerville! Great job to Town Council & the Mayor for reacting quickly to this problem that could have affected the livelihoods of dozens of local business owners.

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